Vahdam – Assam Gold: Review

I was recommended this tea by a friend, and they were explaining to me that they use a percentage of their revenue to help children in India get an education. Not only that but I discovered they are both plastic, and climate neutral. All of there teas come directly from the farm, there is no middle man here. I believe that not only allows them to pay their workers a fairer wage, but also offer decent prices on their teas. They also seem more fresh and less processed, so color me interested.

Assam Gold Summer Black Tea – tea leaves are picked during a summer harvest in Assam, India. Assam teas are often sold as “breakfast teas” or “breakfast blends”. The tea I ordered state that it was picked in July, 2019 and packaged in March, 2020. I thought it was pretty interesting to include that sort of information. I did think the packaging was a bit weird at first, it comes in a little box which has the vacuum sealed tea, a resealable bag, a sticker with the tea’s information to put on the resealable bag, and various forms of information. I felt like giving me two bags was a little over kill on packaging and it would’ve made more sense to just seal it in the resealable bag, but the explanation was that they vacuum seal it as soon as they can to keep it fresh. Not only that, but they claim to be plastic neutral. I’ve just never experienced this before.

Lovely amber color and you can see the golden tips of tea leaves.

Ingredients: Just pure Assam black tea.

Brewed: 212°F for 4 minutes.

Very earthy, malty. Has a slight hint of a sweet. Fresh, clean. Very pure and unprocessed. Very subtle and very pleasant.

This is a very smooth, crisp tea. Very subtle hint of sweetness that comes directly from the fresh tea leaves. Malty and very organic in flavor.

I know I didn’t spend a lot of time talking about it’s flavor but its hard to describe something that is both complex yet simple. When you’ve had a lot of black teas, it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect black tea. They are often slightly too harsh, too artificial, and this tea isn’t that at all. This tea is so pure, and clean. It’s the perfect everyday black tea. I’m definitely interested in checking out other products in their catalog. (Can be found here)

(5 out of 5)
Highly Recommended! A Favorite!

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