The Tea Spot – Meditative Mind: Review

Truth be told, I sort always end up with a lot of The Tea Spot brand teas. Back on the old blog when I first started they were the one of the first companies to send me tea to review and I kind of fell in love with them. They were also sorta my first experience with tea outside of teavana. Yes, it’s true that I am pretty inexperienced with tea still but that’s the point of this blog; I love tea and am constantly learning about it, and trying new things. I’m actually reading a book on tea called; The New Tea Companion: A Guide to Teas Throughout the World by Jane Pettigrew. While the book is a little dry at times, it’s pretty amazing and I’ve learned a ton. I recommend it if you are curious about taking your tea knowledge a bit farther.

So this blog has been constantly on my mind since I started it up again but times a little hard right now in 2020; I wont really be able to post every day like I used to but I’m shooting for at least once a week. I’m also not doing this with a lot of tea on hand, to be blunt I’m simply not able to afford to. I am still going to work with what I have and go from there. I’m excited about some things and hope people are interested in what I have to say. I still have to work on a few other things on the site itself, and I’m trying to get some new graphics as well. Looking forward to the future and hopefully you are too.

The Tea Spot’s meditative mind is designed to help relax you and bring out your creative side. Mildly fitting that I’m drinking it while I write. They are an interesting company that produces high quality teas, I’ve had many and enjoyed most. I would like to mention that the founder is a cancer fighter and they donate 10% of all profits to cancer survivors and community wellness. Some studies have suggested that tea helps prevent cancer.

Ingredients: organic white tea, organic jasmine pearls, organic rose petals

Brewed at 185° for 3 minutes.

Considering this tea both jasmine and rose petals, it smells fantastic. The jasmine comes straight forward with a hint of rose. It’s perfect in that sense because rose can be a little overwhelming. I’ve had some rose teas that well; didn’t smell or taste great at all.

This is a pretty light tasting tea. The jasmine comes in as a strong front note as a more mellow mixture of the white and green tea leaves comes in the back with a slight hint of sweetness from the rose. I believe the rose petals are more aromatic forward than for taste. On second brew; I found that the green tea comes out a lot more and the jasmine takes a step back. Still taste good on third brew as well.

Overall its quite a nice experience. I like how the flavors take a shift on the second brew, and actually prefer it over the first. This tea would be great as a light pick me up after work, or any other time when you need a little caffeine and relaxation.

(4 out of 5)

Few side notes: I’m always open to taking tea recommendations, so please contact me or comment with whatever tea(s) are your favorites. I’ve been messing around with origami and trying to add that to my pictures sometimes, hope they are not too horrible haha.

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