New Beginnings & Tea Maineia – Chili Chili Bang Bang – Review

Tea Maine is a tea company located in Winterport, Maine. (Online sales @

Greetings! It sure has been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and write something like this. A lot of interesting and uninteresting things have happened in my life and between the old blog and this new one. I hope that, dear reader, will be patient as I reestablish the flow of things and attempt to rekindle old connections, and perhaps create new ones along the way. This blog heavily features tea, but also other ramblings as well.

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So let’s talk about tea:

I have known about Tea Maineia for a little bit now but I don’t often find myself in that part of the state, but I recently discovered that a local tea shop also sell bags of their tea (and they also sell some online) so I picked up a few. I found that they carried some pretty traditional favorites but also some exciting ones that definitely peaked my interest. I should mention that I feel like some of the flavors are rather experimental, and not your everyday teas. (This doesn’t mean that they are bad however)

When I first read “Chili Chili Bang Bang” I thought, “You had me at Chili” and immediately went out and got a bag. I’ve always been a huge fan of spicy food and thought this was bringing that element to a new format.

Ingredients Listed: Green Tea, Chili Pepper, Lemon Grass, Apple Pieces, Coconut, Orange Safflower, Natural Flavors.

Instructions: 1 1/2tsp per 8oz. Steep at 120°F for 2-3 minutes.

Honestly it smells fantastic. Sweet fruity notes with a bit of earthiness. Maybe a little bit of coconut hidden in there. A bit flowery but not too strong. Pleasant. It definitely does not smell spicy though.

The flavor is interesting and kind of unexpected if you consider the ingredients. I mostly taste green tea with a hint of lemon grass, the spiciness sneaks up quickly and peaks early. I enjoyed it however, I think a lot of the other ingredients are amiss and don’t add any complexity. Maybe if the green tea was removed and it was treated as an herbal tea or if I steeped it as an herbal tea while risking the delicate flavors of the green tea leaves. I do taste some hints of coconut though.

Despite its tiny shortfalls, I think its honestly a fantastic experience and enjoy drinking it a lot. I enjoy the green tea flavor mixed with the subtle hints of coconut and lemon grass followed by a slight tingling burn of the chili pepper.

(4 out of 5)
Tea can be found here.

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